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perpetually tired.

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Kill Bill technically takes place in the same universe as Spy Kids just so you all know

how do you figure that


I will never stop reminding people that Machete is the uncle of the kids from Spy Kids.

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Witchcraft Lake, Vancouver Island

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Rin with a Parallax Tactical 13.7” Barrel build and Claymore messenger bag inspired by the actual carrying bag used for Claymore antipersonnel mines and made with premium components

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Outdoor Reading Area Gallery

I’ve never wanted something so much in my life.

I want to read in that bubble so badly.

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sometimes i think about former friends who told me i couldnt claim to be half hispanic bc i pass for white and therefore couldn’t possibly have any real stake in it


talking about your otp like

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gimme werewolves to draw im in the mood to draw them
if you have reference that’d be swell. also dont expect masterpieces im prolly gonna give up halfway through sorry in advanCE…

im only gonna do like three or four but still


i cant stop thinking about ancient egyptian zelda ugh
tbh i dont know a lot about loz though so you guys can consider this whatever (i will use any excuse to draw non eurocentric princesses/queens)

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man i know pacific rim is not a Holy Grail of Perfect Progressive Cinema but man is it NICE to be able to watch a big cheesy loud action movie w main characters of color and where theres no hamfistedly shoved in romance and LOADSA COOL ALIEN AND SCIENCE STUFF ……. and where i dont have to be perpetually worried about them making some kinda gross joke (looking at u transformers) and the fights are still BIG and satisfying and everyones still super hot

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